Inspirational Photo of the Day: In the Clouds

clouds berkeley

Found this photograph of clouds with such eye catching colouring and gorgeous composition at whilst browsing for my daily inspiration!

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Goodbye Kodak as company files for bankruptcy

kodak logo


Not the jolliest of news but, something that should pluck a heart string of many a photographer is the news today that pioneering photographic company Kodak have filed for bankruptcy. The company have struggled for a number of years and today it seems they have eventually run out of steam to fight against dwindling business.

Kodak have always been there and have led some of the innovation that has led us to digital photography as it stands today. Kodak’s Chief Executive Antonio Perez has stated that the bankruptcy filing is “a necessary step and the right thing to do for the future of Kodak”. The company expects to finish up and close the business for good in 2013.


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Inspirational Photo of the Day: Memorial Amphitheater Virginia USA

memorial amphitheater photograph

An absolutely cracking shot, enhanced with Photoshop and such a fantastic composition, totally inspired me and brightened up a dull day in England!

Taken by and image owned entirely by AFSpaceVet

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Photograph Collection: Donkey Kings

donkey kings

Photo of my two pals, William and Ant – the donkey kings!

Taken by QuBic.

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Photograph Collection: Spring Had Sprung

daffodil HD image

Daffodils in the spring, England 2011.

Taken by Qubic.

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