Inspirational Photo of the Day: On Calm waters


Colours, composition, gorgeous in every way.

Full credit goes to original photographer. Click for larger image.

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Inspirational Photo of the Day: Wascally Wabbits

rabbit photograph


I’ve never managed to capture many images with animals actually keeping still so this photo inspires me to try harder! The image makes me feel so peaceful, it’s definitely one of my favourites.

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Inspirational Photo of the Day: The Bubble has Burst

bubble burst

Unfortunately I don’t know who took this photograph as I found the image whilst surfing the internet. However, it is such a striking photo that I just couldn’t help but be inspired by it and had to post it and share the image of a bursting bubble! Whoever took the photograph must be an exceptional photographer and full credit goes to them, whoever they are.

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Inspirational Photo of the Day: Backley Plain by milou

backley plain


Instantly inspired me to want to rush out and take photographs today. I’ve been a little busy and very distracted recently and had little time for photography. Photographs like this make me wonder how that was even possible, I need to get out there and get snapping!

This photo is an image of Backley Plain taken by milou, an amazing photographer.

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Inspirational Photo of the Day: So Far, So Close


Click for bigger image.

So Far So Close is a photograph by amazing Hungarian photographer Adam Dobrovits. All credit goes to him for such an atmospheric, genius piece of photography.

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