Inspirational Photo of the Day: Wascally Wabbits

rabbit photograph


I’ve never managed to capture many images with animals actually keeping still so this photo inspires me to try harder! The image makes me feel so peaceful, it’s definitely one of my favourites.

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Photograph Collection: Happy Feet Moment

penguin photograph

Gorgeous posing penguin!

Taken by QuBic

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You Do Not Have To Be A Pro To Take Great Pictures



Well, you’ve decided to enter into photography. Pretty cool, right? Well, except for the fact that there is so much information that you have no clue where to start. Don’t worry, photography tips are here! Listed in this article are some tips that will help you get started and organized so that you can become a successful photographer.

When shooting a memorable occasion, such as a wedding or birthday or sporting event, remember that some of the best stories are told on the sidelines. The main action is obviously important to capture, but it’s often the intimate, unrehearsed moments that portray the real emotion of the occasion.

In order to produce the best and clearest photographs, you should use a tripod. A tripod allows you to stabilize the camera, so that your photos are in better focus. This is especially important if you are using a high-zoom lens or shooting at night, since small changes in the camera’s position will result in major blurring.

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Tips And Tricks For Taking Memorable Pictures

Photography Hint


Are you interested in photography but not quite sure where to start? Not sure of the shots that are right or the lighting that is perfect for different moods? Even if you have some experience under your belt, you can never lose with extra advice, and the advice in this article could be quite handy for you indeed.

If you have a love of photography but are having a hard time finding a photography buddy who shares your interest, considering joining a photography club. You can generally find a club in most cities, and they are a great way to share the joy of photography and to improve your skills.

If you are going to take a good photograph consider what is in the back ground. You do not want unnecessary things in the back ground of your photograph such as cars, light poles, etc. A plain back ground is always better and does not take away from the subject.

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Photograph Collection: Gutsy Black Headed Gull

gutsy black headed gull

Taken by QuBic

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