Inspirational Photo of the Day: Built in ’78

building 1878

It might not be the most ‘creative’ shot ever but, I’m personally drawn to this image, it draws me in an inspires me to keep looking at the photo.


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Inspirational Photo of the Day: Beauty Industry


What an outstanding image, beautiful 3D effect photography. Credit to original photographer given. Click for larger image.

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Inspirational Photo of the Day: Memorial Amphitheater Virginia USA

memorial amphitheater photograph

An absolutely cracking shot, enhanced with Photoshop and such a fantastic composition, totally inspired me and brightened up a dull day in England!

Taken by and image owned entirely by AFSpaceVet

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Photograph Collection: Old Meets New

old and new buildings london

Striking architecture in London, England. Old buildings meeting with modern buildings.

Taken by QuBic.

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Photograph Collection: Deeper Underground



London 2011, doesn’t look like a 2011 image though does it?

Originally taken by QuBic.

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